Almighty Couch

Making software

Almighty Couch is a small, independent studio located in Innsbruck, Austria. We specialize in desktop and mobile application development with work expanding to websites, user interfaces and marketing material for clients of all sizes on every development platform.

We are creative, passionate and vastly knowledgeable, which reflects in the attention to detail in our products. We are motivated every day to raise the bar in the work we create.

Whether it's creating your app from scratch or consulting for your product, we have the skill to help you make your next project great.

Strategy and Management

Not quite sure what you need? We’re here to help. Show us what you have, and we’ll chart a course that will get you closer to your goal. We provide structure, guidance and collaboration to drive your project from strategic, exploratory thinking through tactical implementation.


Right down to development, we know what it takes to build a wonderful product. With our experienced developers, you can take advantage of our expertise to help you through user-interface challenges and subtle implementation details. Mobile, cloud, or desktop — we've got you covered.

Digital Marketing

We believe in creating lasting value for brands rather than disposable digital marketing. That means we focus on building products, experiences and platforms that have the power to transform a brand. We help add value to companies by designing clear corporate id, captivating websites and everthing you need to give visibility to your products. Through intuitive design we craft brands that communicate a businesses personality and values to get our clients noticed.

Our Way to Success

When it comes to our development process,
we like to keep things simple.

  • Analysis

    We identify the intersection of what a user wants and what your business provides.

  • Design

    We use continuous qualitative research, experimentation, and design thinking to meet business and user challenges.

  • Development

    We build your product the right way from the start, saving you money in the long run.

  • Deployment

    We go the extra mile to make sure every product ships and meets our high personal standards.

A Sneak Peek of our Work

You're in good company with us.

You can find more of our own open source projects on GitHub.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you.

Whatever your ambition, we would love to hear about your ideas and help you get started or lend a hand on an existing one.